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Beech Brook is committed to the care and healing of our community’s most vulnerable children.

Become a Foster Parent

Our foster care and adoption programs provide caring families to nurture and support them.

Personal Impact Stories

Meaningful, tangible and sustainable outcomes that make a positive difference.

Personal Impact Stories

“How much we touch a person’s heart is hard to evaluate at times, but it should never be doubted. Our work is so important and the connections we develop are so valuable.”

Felicia, School-Based Supervisor

“Beech Brook was a voice for us when I believed there was nowhere left to turn. They were able to make what I had been told was impossible, possible.”

“I suppose I never really realized how much of a jackpot my position with Beech Brook was until things got serious! All I can say is, I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Beech Brook family!”

Lauren, Foster Parent Recruiter

“I love working at Beech Brook because I have the power to tell children they have a future. I will not let them feel alone.”

Toni Zingale, Social Worker and School-Based Therapist at Beech Brook

“Despite the disruption of his teen years, which including missing lots of school, Alexavier remained highly motivated to finish his education. It wasn’t easy, but he got back on track, and both he and his brother crossed the finish line on time and graduated from high school. ”

“Honestly, I can’t imagine any workplace as a whole being more supportive than Beech Brook has been. ”

Jennifer, REACH Program

“We are so grateful for all Beech Brook has done for us. We don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have your guidance and support.”

“Small but mighty. That’s one way to describe her. Katie has always been petite for her age but, as Rick says with a smile, she’s always been “big in voice and actions.””

Rick Rule-Hoffman, Beech Brook Art Therapist

“I’ve come to the conclusion that even when we are physically separated by distance, our core concepts and philosophies of who we are, what our goal is, and why we are doing what we are doing shall never waiver. For even from a virtual first-time meeting, people can tell when you are sincere.”

Ron Robinson, PAR Program Coordinator

We're making an impact on our community.


of clients satisfied with the services they received


years of service


children and families served


students completed Comprehensive Sex Education classes


children found a safe haven in a Beech Brook foster home


schools participating


of parents said they were confident about changing their parenting and improving their family life


programs and services


families in crisis stabilized


children received early childhood in-home mental health and childcare consultation services


students received mental health and support services


of Anger Management participants felt more confident about managing their anger


zip codes served


families maintained stable housing


children and families served


schools participating


programs and services

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