Thomas P. Royer, MPA

President and Chief Executive Officer

"Beech Brook has always been more than just a place to work. Caring for Beech Brook kids has been a multi-generational mission for my family, starting with my grandparents, who served as house parents on the campus beginning in the 1950’s. Beech Brook powerfully impacts so many children and families, and that includes me and my family. I appreciate all of Beech Brook’s donors, supporters and staff who stand up for kids every single day. Together, we help the most vulnerable children and families in our community thrive."

Muffykaesberg 2023boardchair

Muffy L. Kaesberg

Board Chair

"Serving on Beech Brook's Board of Directors has been a great opportunity for me to use my skills to advance the mission of an organization that has been important to my family for decades. At a young age, my family instilled the importance of service in me and I'm glad to be able to continue their legacy of service at Beech Brook."

Executive Leadership

LaVisa Bell, MSM, CPHQ

Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

"Helping others in an impactful way has always been a priority for me. As an employee of Beech Brook, I am part of an organization that provides meaningful services and critical support to children and families that makes a positive impact on their lives forever."

Kim Weltman, MSSA, LISW-S

Executive Vice President

"Beech Brook is my family, not just a place to work. Their mission and vision ring true to my passions. In my 20 years of service, Beech Brook always follows through with what they say they are going to do. I am proud to be part of the Beech Brook family."

Jennifer Albanese, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

"Joining Beech Brook felt like coming home to me, like I had found my family that had similar values. Helping children and families and working with staff who are committed to providing the services our community needs allows me to make my dreams of making a difference in our community a reality."         

Peggy Coltz, MSM, PHR

Chief Human Resource Officer

"Beech Brook’s mission of helping children and families thrive aligns with my personal mission and lifelong goal. Any opportunity to help children gather the good, live a good-hearted life, create a legacy of kindness, and experience a healthy childhood motivates me to help our staff in any way I can because they are making a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve every day."

Senior Leadership

Jennifer Bruehler

Senior Director, Behavioral Health Services

"Every day, I am surrounded by highly driven, caring and motivated people who genuinely care about making an impact in the community they serve. I am touched, on a daily basis, by the work they do with youth and families. They are the foundation that makes Beech Brook truly the best place to be!"

Terri Davis

Senior Director, Prevention/Early Intervention

"It is an honor and a privilege to do the work that we do at Beech Brook. Each member of the Beech Brook Team brings a true commitment and a strong passion to provide the best service, programs and support to the families, children, and community we serve."

Rachel Humphrey

Clinical Director

"I find immense satisfaction in my role at Beech Brook, primarily due to the wonderful colleagues I interact with on a daily basis. My deep-seated passion lies in fostering healthy work environments and implementing Trauma-Informed Care. I also derive great joy from collaborating with families and children, assisting them in their journey towards achieving their goals and helping them thrive."

Heidi Lang

Senior Director, Development

"I am very passionate about creating a better world for our children. It’s a privilege to be a part of the long-standing history at Beech Brook. At the end of the day, I am always humbled by the many lives that have been impacted in our community."

Allison Solomon

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

"Working at Beech Brook is a dream come true – helping make the world better for the children and families we serve by sharing their stories and increasing support to help them thrive."

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