When a family is in crisis, they can't wait for help. Beech Brook brings the right kind of help when and where families need it.

Preserving a family or reunifying parents and children after the trauma of separation is the goal of Beech Brook’s in-home services.

Few traumas can compare to that of children who are removed from their families, and there are times when children must be placed in out-of-home care for their own or their family’s safety. But in other cases, with the right mix of therapy, support and community resources, families can be stabilized, keeping children safely in their homes and their family intact.

Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT)

Another in-home program, Beech Brook’s IHBT program, is an evidence-based practice that offers fast, frequent and family-focused treatment and support to stabilize at-risk children and their families. IHBT offers immediate, short-term and intensive mental health treatment and support services for children who are at risk of an out-of-home placement or are just returning home, as well as for other serious family crises.

Families referred to the IHBT program are seen quickly and often, depending on the urgency of the case. Services include therapy as well as community psychiatric supportive treatment, social services and 24/7 crisis response. The IHBT team will work with the child and family at home, at school or in other community settings.

Family involvement is key. Treatment plans are tailored to each individual and family, based on an in-depth mental health assessment, an analysis of child and family strengths, and family input. Careful attention to safety planning and the right mix of aftercare services keeps each child on the path to success after discharge.

Who should be referred?

  • Children/teens at risk of residential treatment or psychiatric hospitalization
  • Children/teens up to age 17 who have just returned from an out-of-home stay
  • Young adults ages 18-21 who are still living at home, meet all other criteria for SED, and meet one or more of the following:
    • Working toward a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Under jurisdiction of juvenile court
    • In custody of a public child agency
    • Receiving services from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Enrollment in Ohio Medicaid is required. Other eligibility criteria will be discussed if the referral is accepted.

Referrals for IHBT Services may come from a variety of sources.

Click here to submit a referral for IHBT.

Family Preservation

For more than 30 years, Beech Brook’s Family Preservation program has helped prevent and heal the devastation of a shattered family.

Family Preservation is an in-home, intensive, short-term crisis intervention program. The program is designed to stabilize the family through therapeutic services, improved parenting and communication skills, and linkages to vital community resources.

When a case is referred to Family Preservation, a case manager is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for the duration of their treatment plan, which typically ranges from 60-90 days. The case manager serves as an advocate with schools and other agencies on behalf of the child and family and as a link to other support systems.

Beech Brook's Family Preservation staff has expertise in managing family conflict, reunification issues, foster care/adoption support and more.

Referrals for Family Preservation services come through the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services. For more information or to make a referral, contact Dawn Brodnick or call 216.831.2255, ext. 3313.

Successful Alliance for Family Engagement (SAFE)

Embracing a “do whatever it takes” philosophy, Beech Brook’s SAFE program helps families by linking them with community supports, in addition to providing therapeutic help. The program is part of Cuyahoga County’s Tapestry System of Care, designed to help prevent at-risk children from going into higher levels of care, such as detention homes or residential treatment.

SAFE care coordinators use a wraparound process to help meet the emotional and behavioral needs of each child. With a focus on family strengths, cultural competency and family “voice and choice,” care coordinators help families select the specific services they need, when they need them, from both formal organizations and informal supports, such as neighbors, in their own community. Flexible funding for creative solutions is a cornerstone of the program.

Referrals primarily come from the Cuyahoga Department of Children and Family Services and the Juvenile Court. For more information or to make a referral, contact Dawn Brodnick or call 216.831.2255, ext. 3313.

STRIDE (Skill Building, Teaching, Role Modeling, Independence, Development, Empowerment)

All kids need to feel that someone is there for them. STRIDE, Beech Brook's mentoring program, pairs a child or teenager with a staff member to provide a little extra support during particularly stressful times.

Having a special person who will listen and spend time outside of home or school can make a world of difference to a kid going through a hard time. When a family is under stress, Beech Brook mentors provide support where it's needed. That may be helping in school or with homework; encouraging the child to participate in positive activities and sports; helping a youth with autism feel safe in public spaces; supporting a pregnant teen; easing the transition into adoptive families; and much more.

Although it may look like fun and games, mentoring is much more than that. Through mutually enjoyable activities, mentors act as positive role models and begin to build a trusting relationship. Once that bond is created, mentors help kids find healthy and positive interests that they can pursue on their own once their mentoring time has ended.

Referrals come from United Way, the Positive Education Program, PASS adoption subsidies, and Cuyahoga County's Tapestry program.

REACH (Releasing Excellent Alternative Community Help)

Kids who have a mental health diagnosis may find that their symptoms interfere with their ability to function in their daily lives. Through REACH services, children work on building the necessary skills they'll need to succeed, such as time management, coping skills, and recognizing and expressing their own feelings. Beech Brook staff work with the children and their families in the environments that are problematic for them, whether it is at school, home or in the community. Staff also provides linkages for the child and their family to other services and support and are available 24/7 in crisis situations.

Most referrals come from Beech Brook's School-Based Mental Health program.

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