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Your career choice shows that you’ve already made an important decision. You want more than just a job. You need a mission-driven career where you can put your passion to work for people who are struggling with life’s challenges.

If you’re a graduate student in Social Work, Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy, we’d like to talk to you.

At Beech Brook, you’ll find the opportunities you’re seeking, providing trauma-informed mental health services and support for children and families when and where they need it most…in homes, schools, foster care, early childhood treatment or outpatient counseling.

You’ll learn from licensed professionals as you gain hands-on experience putting your education and training to work. You’ll find everything you need to launch your career, along with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference for some of our community’s most vulnerable children and parents.

Curious what it's like to do your internship at Beech Brook?

Hannah, a Licensed Social Worker, started as an intern and now works as a school-based therapist. She shared her thoughts about her journey to becoming a Beech Brook staff member in this video.

Great Minds Fellowship Interns

If you are currently a Great Minds Fellow and are looking for a qualified agency to complete your internship, we'd love to talk with you about Beech Brook!

Beech Brook is one of Ohio's selected community behavioral health centers where you can complete your Great Minds Fellowship.


As a Beech Brook Intern, you will:

  • Apply theories from the classroom to daily mental health practice with children and families
  • Receive professional, hands-on experience via field work
  • Shadow licensed professionals
  • Experience group and individual supervision
  • Receive agency-wide clinical training, along with intern-specific training

If you have any questions about the Great Minds Fellowship partnership with Beech Brook, please contact Mark Groner at

Frequently Asked Questions

What majors do you look for?

Our interns are primarily Social Work, Counseling, and Marriage & Family Therapy majors.

Are Beech Brook interns graduate or undergraduate level?

While our interns are primarily second-year graduate students, we do encourage first-year graduate students and undergraduate students to apply.

In what Beech Brook programs do interns get assigned?

Most of our interns work in our school-based programs, though we occasionally have interns in our outpatient, early childhood and foster care programs.

In what schools are Beech Brook interns assigned?

Beech Brook intern assignments are in the same schools where our full-time staff work: Cleveland Metropolitan School District, as well as several suburban school districts.

Are Beech Brook internships paid or unpaid?

Our internships are unpaid.

How do I apply?

Visit our Careers page and click on either Social Work Intern or Counseling Intern Program to apply.

When do interns start at Beech Brook?

Generally, interns start in July-September or November-January.

What are the major benefits of doing my internship at Beech Brook?

These are just some of the ways in which you’ll benefit from our Internship Program:

  • Coordination and collaboration with other Beech Brook team members
  • Connection and collaboration with school administration/teachers
  • Developing and managing your own case load
  • Learning and using treatment models with clients: cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, family therapy, creative interventions, sensory integration and learning objective documentation
  • Gaining skills and experience with progress notes, diagnostic evaluations, developing treatment plans, and electronic medical record systems.

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