When you’re working with families living with the toxic stress of mental illness, poverty and trauma, hope doesn’t arrive in a blaze of glory.

Progress may come in baby steps. Often there are setbacks.

But every day we see the seeds of hope take root. We see the impact of our mission throughout the community:

  • In the preschool children who get the help they need early in life when it matters most, when the stage to later academic success is set
  • In the students who are now able focus in the classroom and stay in school, changing the trajectory of their lives
  • In the struggling single parents who find support and guidance to keep their families together despite circumstances most of us cannot imagine
  • In the children who find a safe and healing haven from abuse and neglect with our foster families
  • In the youth diverted from a dangerous path to gang violence, crime, incarceration or worse
  • In the girls and boys who begin to blossom through the gentle support and understanding of a mentor
  • In the children who learn to protect themselves from teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the poor decision-making that can permanently change their futures
  • In the divorcing parents who learn to put their painful feelings aside to help their children cope with their feelings of loss.

We see the impact in these and many other ways. But we also measure that impact in every Beech Brook program so that we can be sure we are doing everything we can to help our community's children and families thrive.

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