Children spend the majority of their waking hours in school. When emotional or behavioral problems get in the way of learning, Beech Brook is there to provide the support they need to succeed.

Every school system strives to meet the needs of their students, but for the kids who suffer from emotional and behavioral problems, things aren't always that easy. These children can have trouble focusing and may disrupt the other students with their behavior, making learning more difficult for everyone.

Beech Brook's School-Based Behavioral Health Services provide support to these children when and where they need it: every day in school. Beech Brook therapists and clinical behavior specialists work directly with the children, teachers, school administrators and families to address the mental or behavioral problems that are getting in the way of learning. Schools that offer our services see improved attendance and academic performance and better behavior and social interactions in the children enrolled in our programs.

Our school-based services also include case management, home visits, teacher consultations, and individual and family counseling. When a therapist recognizes a need that goes beyond the scope of the school environment, the child may be referred to receive other Beech Brook or community services, in addition to their School-Based therapy.

Beech Brook's school-based behavioral health and support services are offered at more than 60 schools across Cuyahoga, Lorain, Summit and Geauga counties. Referrals come from the school administration and parents within those schools.

Services are offered year-round, so therapy will not be interrupted during summer or winter breaks from school.

REACH - Releasing Excellent Alternative Community Help

(Therapeutic Behavioral Support)

Kids who have a mental health diagnosis may find that their symptoms interfere with their ability to function in their daily lives. Through REACH, children work on building the necessary skills they'll need to succeed, such as time management, coping skills, and recognizing and expressing their own feelings. Beech Brook staff work with the children and their families in the environments that are problematic for them, whether it is at school, home or in the community. Staff also provides linkages for the child and their family to other services and support and are available 24/7 in crisis situations.

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Want to make a referral to our School-Based Program?

Take a look at the list of schools Beech Brook serves to see if we are in your school. If not, you may be eligible to receive home or community-based services so you can still submit a referral and someone will be in touch with you soon!

Use the link to the online form below to submit your referral.

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Teacher Comments on School-Based Mental Health Services

“Our Beech Brook worker has gone above and beyond!”

Teacher from Anton Grdina Elementary School

“The schedule is very flexible. I appreciate that when students are having a difficult time, they receive immediate assistance.”

Teacher from Anton Grdina Elementary School

“The Beech Brook staff are always very professional, available and willing to help when needed.”

Teachers from Campus International School

“Our Beech Brook therapist is amazing! She is continually following up with me about one of my students. She has helped me bridge a relationship with this student’s family and has made many contacts throughout the year. We are so lucky to have her.”

Teachers from Campus International School

“I love having an extra person in the building to provide the needed social emotional health services! I refer students often and they definitely use the service.”

Teacher from Campus International High School

“I appreciate communication from our Beech Brook workers that help connect what is happening at home. These are helpful and insightful and help me.”

Teacher from Case Elementary School

“Our Beech Brook family works very closely with staff and families to ensure the students are getting the best mental health services possible. They also make sure all parties involved are working together for the best possible outcome.”

Teacher from Clara E Westropp Elementary School

“The staff is amazing and always helpful! Awesome resource for my classroom.”

Teacher from Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy

“Our Beech Brook therapist has been a great asset to our school and our students. She provides positivity and encouragement.”

Teacher from Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy

“We value our Beech Brook services and the hard work of our representative here at Fullerton! Great work is being done with our and for our students.”

Teacher from Fullerton School

“I could not be as successful at my job without all of your support! Thank you for this invaluable service! The mental health services are a blessing to my students and for me!”

Teacher from Halle Elementary School

“What a great staff from Beech Brook - their youth and vitality is so refreshing. They are very informative, very good listeners, open to suggestions. They are a joy - thank you!”

Teacher from Halle Elementary School

“Our Beech Brook therapist does an excellent job with the students. She makes it a point to touch base with her students every day, even if it's just a greeting. She interacts with staff daily to check and see if we have any concerns.”

Teacher from Harvey Rice Wraparound School

“Our Beech Brook worker is an asset to Harvey Rice wraparound school. The students and staff love her and value her expertise. I look forward to working with her next year!”

Teacher from Harvey Rice Wraparound School

“Our students trust and feel comfortable with our therapist. These services are a very important component of our school and the education of the whole child.”

Teacher from Mary M. Bethune Elementary School

“Our therapist is an asset to the school. She works with me daily on students who need daily support.”

Teacher from Michael R. White Elementary School

“I am so happy we have the program at our school. Our students really need these services.”

Teacher from Mound Elementary School

“Our Beech Brook therapist is always a friendly face in our school. The students she serves in my class are always excited to see and spend time with her!”

Teacher from Mound Elementary School

“Our Beech Brook therapist goes over and above all of the time. He is the best! Truly wants what is best for our kids!”

Teacher from Waverly Elementary School

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