Beech Brook Offices to close March 17-April 6

Due to concerns for the health and safety of our staff and clients, Beech Brook's offices will close for 3 weeks, beginning March 17. Our staff will be working remotely during this time to continue providing essential services to our clients.

Board of Directors

Charles B. Zellmer, Chair

Tracy D. Crandall, Vice Chair Administration

Jennifer N. Pinkerton, Vice Chair Development

Victor J. DeMarco, Vice Chair Finance/Treasurer

Life Directors

Harry L. Holmes
Patricia C. Lightbody
Kathy C. Pender
G. Walter Stuelpe


Kathryn L. Kaesberg
Brad W. Kostka
Amanda M. Miller
Jennifer A. Mills
Terry W. Owen
Robert P. Phillips-Plona
Thomas A. Seifert
Mark I. Singer
Gary M. Small
Shawn T. Wright

Leadership Advisory Council

Mark Bober
William B. Doggett
Drew C. Forhan
M. Ann Harlan
Carol S. Markey
John G. Nestor
James R. Pender
Edward Schwartz
Jack Staph
Noreen L. Sussman
Arthur W. Treuhaft

Honorary Directors

Stephen J. Alfred
Raymond J. Balester
Malcolm M. Cutting
C. Henry Foltz
Nancy Klein
Anthony R. Michel
Jane Q. Outcalt
Gretchen D. Smith


Thomas P. Royer

Executive Advisor

Debra Rex

President Emeritus

Mario Tonti

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