Former clients, current and former staff members, and others who received Beech Brook services describe the impact Beech Brook has made on their lives in these personal impact stories. Several describe the support Beech Brook has given them throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Parenting: A lifelong journey

Even after raising multiple children, these parents found there was still much to learn and room to grow. Blending a family can present challenges, even under the best circumstances. No surprise ther...

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The Hidden COVD-19 Pandemic: Orphaned Children

We’ve talked about mental health problems as the second wave of COVID-19. But there’s another long-term consequence of the pandemic.In 1852, when Beech Brook opened its doors, it was to ca...

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Foster youth beats the odds and heads to college

Like many high school graduates, Alexavier is excited about heading off to college this year. On August 14, he’ll move into his dorm room at Cleveland State University and get ready to immerse h...

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A healing journey leads to a new beginning

Like far too many children who come into our care, Katie’s early years were marked by exposure to violence and the trauma it leaves in its wake. Now 12, Katie has been working with Beech Brook ...

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Beech Brook’s SAFE Program restores hope to a boy and his grandmother

Sixteen-year-old Alex was already struggling before the disruption of the pandemic sent him into a dangerous downward spiral. Increasingly he’d leave home before dawn, not returning for hours or...

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Sierra's Story

I wanted to share a very meaningful interaction that I had with a client. I was in my first year as an LPC in the Outpatient department on campus, as well as working with the residential kiddos (indiv...

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Providing PAR services during the pandemic

While the PAR Program has gone a long way in changing the perception of CMHA residents about the police, engaging them in services still can present a challenge. Many don’t initially understand...

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Jen, REACH Program

Honestly, I can’t imagine any workplace as a whole being more supportive than Beech Brook has been. We are all in the middle of a very uncertain and scary time. I feel that Beech Brook has done ...

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Lauren, Foster Parent Recruiter

Beech Brook has been nothing but compassionate and professional during this entire pandemic. Not only the extended allowance to let their employees work from home and not add yet another stressor of &...

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Tina's Story

Tina was expelled from four different schools. She often got into fights. She was disrespectful and hated school. There were times when she wanted to end her life, to just give up on herself like many...

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Mark's Story

Mark, 8 years old, was smart, confident, kind and helpful. But he could also be conniving, defiant, confrontational and aggressive. In class, he was easily provoked and would throw a chair, walk out, ...

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Giving back to those in need

Therapist Toni Zingale puts her tough childhood experiences to work for kids in the neighborhood where she grew up. Imagine the joy of having a child enter the world on Thanksgiving Day. What greater...

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Bobby's Story

Things were never easy for Bobby’s family. Every day was a struggle to get by, and it took a heavy toll. Sadly, Bobby became a victim of this chaos. Then Bobby’s mother died, and things g...

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