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Have you been having a hard time connecting with your pre-teen or teen?

Does it seem like, once they became a teenager, they just stopped listening?

Has there been more conflict between you lately?

Beech Brook's Connect© Parenting Groups can help!


What is Connect©?

Connect© Parenting Groups are 10 weekly group sessions that help parents and other caregivers build stronger relationships with their pre-teens or teens ages 8-18. This trauma-informed, evidence-based program works with caregivers on understanding the importance of attachment, or the "shared partnership" that exists between parent (or caregiver) and child. 

Attachment is a safety net for healthy development. When children are securely attached, they feel comfortable exploring their environment. They do not cling to us unnecessarily and are free to learn new things about the world and develop new relationships. They also feel comfortable coming to us for help when they need it. A secure bond provides a good balance of comfort and safety on the one hand, and support for learning new things about the world on the other. 

The need for attachment continues from the cradle to the grace, but how we express this need changes with development. 

Understanding attachment's role in our relationships with our children enables parents to respond in ways the support healthy development and strengthen the bond between you!

Why Connect©?

Connect© Parenting Groups address the issues that arise as children enter adolescence and crave independence from their parents and other caregivers. Through this series of 10, 90-minute classes, parents and caregivers learn skills to manage conflict with their teens in ways that can:

  • open communication
  • build trust
  • promote problem-solving
  • reduce difficult behaviors

Parents who participate in Connect© Parenting Groups report feeling less stress, more confident, more hopeful, and less alone.

Who can Connect© help?

That's the great news! Beech Brook offers Connect© Parenting Groups for both biological parents and foster parents/caregivers. Whether you are the parent, grandparent, foster parent, or another important figure in your teen's life, you can benefit from a Connect© Parenting Group. 

For more information about upcoming Connect© classes, please fill out the form below or contact Venezuela Robinson at vrobinson@beechbrook.org.

Register for the next Connect series beginning March 27, 2024

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