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If you want to support Beech Brook's 5K Race & Family Fun Run, there are several ways you can support us!

How you can help:

1. Register for the event 

If you’re able to join us on Sunday, October 22, register here and select “Sign Up” to register for the 5K Run or the Family Fun Run  (or 1-mile walk).

2. Become a fundraiser

After you register, you can create your own page to send it to your friends and family. Select “Become a Fundraiser” and create your own page. Then, you can also start your own Team, or join an existing Team. 

Click the link below for a document that can help you set up your page with ideas/suggestions for messaging. 

Setting up your fundraising page

3. Donate to a current fundraiser

Select a name to donate toward an individual’s or Team’s fundraising goal. 

For example: Heidi Lang told her friend Sally about the race. Sally wants to make a donation but is not planning on attending or registering for the event. Sally would go to: 


Sally would select “Heidi Lang” from the grid of fundraisers in order for her donation to go toward Heidi’s fundraising goal. 

This option does not give you a personal page or a personal link to share with your friends and family but does allow you to make a gift toward a particular individual’s or Team’s goal. 


Email Beech Brook Development Director Heidi Lang.

Thank you for helping us raise money for Beech Brook! The more dollars we receive will help even more children and families thrive! 

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