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Referrals for School-Based Programming

Please fill out the following form to submit a referral for Beech Brook's School-Based Program. To see the list of schools Beech Brook currently services, click here. If you do not see your school on the list but are interested in other community or home-based services, fill out the form and someone will talk with you about the child's specific needs.

Click here for a Microsoft Word version of this referral form that can be printed and distributed.

Aggression (arguing, forcing submission, bullying, fighting, stealing)
Disruptive Behavior (defiance, noncompliance, not following rules, out of designated areas)
Hyperactive Behavior (tantrums, disturbing others, excess energy)
Withdrawn Behavior (prefer being alone, non-participation, unresponsive to social initiations, not talking to others)
Depressed mood (overall sadness, low/restricted activity levels, crying, poor appetite)
Unassertiveness (shy, being timid, not standing up for one's self)
Anxiety (acting in a fearful manner, appears overly stressed, inability to cope with daily functioning)

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