Beech Brook has been nothing but compassionate and professional during this entire pandemic. Not only the extended allowance to let their employees work from home and not add yet another stressor of “where is my next paycheck coming from?” to the mix, but also frequently checking in with its employees to make sure that we are updated with the most recent and important information that is surfacing regarding the circumstances of our situation. There is a saying that has been floating around since this pandemic hit that says “Pay attention to how companies treat their employees during this time…it speaks VOLUMES to their core ethics.” After reading that, I became very proud to be affiliated with Beech Brook, for Beech Brook has done nothing but take care of its employees like family! And I truly believe that family is a core ethic of Beech Brook, something that we stand for. So many of my co- workers have checked in with me via a quick text message here and there and have been nonstop supportive. I suppose I never really realized how much of a jackpot my position with Beech Brook was until things got serious! All I can say is, I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Beech Brook family, and I’m not the only one noticing how incredible Beech Brook has been to us all during these trying times!

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