Mark, 8 years old, was smart, confident, kind and helpful. But he could also be conniving, defiant, confrontational and aggressive. In class, he was easily provoked and would throw a chair, walk out, hit another student, curse at the teacher, cry, roll around on the floor or yell. At home, the simplest directive would cause an outburst and lead to him threatening to run away from home or physically hurt his mother. That was why he was referred to REACH.

During his treatment, Mark was taught coping, communication, anger management, problem solving and positive relationship skills. Sometimes he’d use them, sometimes he wouldn’t. But Beech Brook kept working with him, his family, and his teachers to provide the support and skills he needed to manage his emotions.

Eventually, Mark was able to verbalize how he helped his classmates with their outbursts and how he was able to walk away and use his skills when others annoyed him. His teachers were pleased with him and his academics improved. Mark was able to recognize his triggers and be proactive in managing himself. He and his mother had had developed a stronger relationship, and she was beyond happy with his behaviors. Mom was able to allow him to vent without taking his words personally.

Mark had improved so much that he was able to be discharged from the program.

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