Things were never easy for Bobby’s family. Every day was a struggle to get by, and it took a heavy toll. Sadly, Bobby became a victim of this chaos.

Then Bobby’s mother died, and things got worse.

Angry and overwhelmed, Bobby’s father lashed out at his son. When the signs of abuse were noted at school, Bobby was removed from his father and sent to a group home. His father was ordered to take parenting and anger management classes, if he had any hope of getting his son back. At first, he was furious, refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.

At the same time, his relationship with his new wife and blended family was also crumbling. He realized that he needed to change or risk losing everything.

He went to the parenting and anger management classes, and he began to understand the devasting impact of his anger on his family. He saw how his traumatic childhood had molded him into the parent he became. His only fear now was that it was too late.

But he persisted, visiting his son regularly and completing all his classes. Their Beech Brook therapist met with the family weekly, preparing them for reunification and teaching them new coping strategies. Often, it was painful, but they did not give up. The father and stepmother believe these sessions saved their marriage and family.

Bobby’s home now, and he and his dad are building a new relationship.

“I’m a completely different man,” his dad says.

“I’m a man that I can be proud of. My kids can look up to me now instead of being afraid of me. We are so grateful for all Beech Brook has done for us. We don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have your guidance and support.”

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