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Tina was expelled from four different schools. She often got into fights. She was disrespectful and hated school. There were times when she wanted to end her life, to just give up on herself like many of her teachers had given up on her. She lived with her aunt after her mother lost custody of her because of neglect. Tina’s cousin, with whom she lived with and was very close, was shot during a robbery. Tina was home when her cousin came crawling home for help. He was close to death, which made Tina extremely angry and made her behaviors escalate. Over the years, as a Beech Brook client, she learned that she wasn’t alone and that help was always there. Her grades improved, she stopped fighting and became motivated at school. Her Beech Brook services ended the day she walked across the stage and graduated high school. Today, Tina is in college and has a steady job that she loves. She is doing very well and looking forward to a bright future.

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