Honestly, I can’t imagine any workplace as a whole being more supportive than Beech Brook has been. We are all in the middle of a very uncertain and scary time. I feel that Beech Brook has done everything possible to ease our burden. When this began, we were all anxious about staying employed; having a stable income without having to use up all of our benefit time; staying safe and healthy and not having to put ourselves and our own families at risk; being home with our own children since they too are not in school; being able to continue serving our clients in an effective but safe way; and somehow staying sane through it all. Beech Brook took all of those worries away by quickly providing a way for all employees to work from home and to continue to get paid. We are able to be home, employed, safe, and work with our clients in the most flexible way possible.

On top of all that, my amazing supervisor, co-workers, IT and administration have all been supportive in every way. There is a sense that “we are all in this together” and that, in itself, makes me feel extremely supported. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Beech Brook and the opportunity I have to do this work. The way we have been supported through this crisis is something I will never forget and only increases my loyalty and dedication to this amazing agency.

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