Finally, we found our new home!

After deciding to exit the residential treatment business in 2016, Beech Brook sold our scenic 65-acre property at 3737 Lander Road in Pepper Pike and recently signed a 10-year lease for space conveniently located at 13201 Granger Road in Garfield Heights.

One of the most important things that Beech Brook helps children and families find is hope - hope and excitement for the future. These things often feel like they are lost during hard times and in many ways, I think we now feel like many of our clients when they gain that renewed sense of hope.

And it is exciting!

Beech Brook's new home checks all the boxes of what we were looking for. It is situated adjacent to a University Hospitals Women’s Health Clinic, within a ½ mile of a University Hospitals pediatric facility, and around the corner from a Cleveland Clinic office. Beech Brook already serves Garfield schools through our school-based programming and the site offers easy access via the highway and public transportation for both our staff, foster parents and our clients. This strategic location brings Beech Brook closer to more people who can utilize our vital services.

The renovation of the new Garfield Heights office space is expected to be completed in approximately 90 days, with the move slated to take place in March or April.

But the real excitement is the ability to look forward. At the end of the day, Beech Brook isn’t defined by a location: we are defined by our staff, the people we serve, and the impact we have on our community. Beech Brook’s dedication to helping children and families thrive is at the forefront of our mission and this relocation represents a significant step toward furthering that goal.

We can now focus our resources on services instead of maintaining an outdated facility. We will begin to innovate again. We will have the capacity to develop new programs and partnerships for the betterment of our community.

Like the children and families we help, we have a renewed sense of hope. And we will thrive!

- Thomas P. Royer, Beech Brook President/CEO

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