Earlier this year, we learned that Fairport Wealth had chosen Beech Brook as its 2022 Community Beacon. This is an honor they bestow on one nonprofit organization each year.

Being a Community Beacon means that staff from Fairport will provide financial and volunteer support for many of our events throughout the year. They’ll also be spreading the word about Beech Brook to their clients who share their commitment to giving back to the community.

We are so grateful to their team, and to Tom Seifert, a Fairport partner and long-time Beech Brook board member, for this honor.

When I heard this news, I visited the Fairport website to learn more about them, and I read their purpose.

Fairport Wealth inspires families. To chase their dreams. To live with purpose. To create a legacy. To be their best selves.

I really believe in the idea of living with purpose. It’s what inspired me to enter this field. And I like the way that fits with our Beech Brook mission.

Helping children and families thrive by promoting healthy child development, strengthening the ability to overcome adversity, and enhancing family health and stability.

As we pursue our mission, we are striving to give the families we serve an opportunity to chase their dreams. To be their best selves.

We are proud to be a Fairport Community Beacon and are looking forward to our partnership in the year ahead.

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