Below are some short stories about topical social issues read by staff members on topics geared specifically for young children. 

Being Between Homes - A Social Story about Homelessness

This social story talks about why children may be temporarily between homes, and what it means. Cuyahoga County resources for parents are included at the end.

Becoming a Big Sister: A Social Story about Accepting a New Sibling

Has a new baby made the big sister (or brother) feeling a little left out? This social story helps explain that those feelings are normal but that mom and dad will always love them!

Going Back to School: A Social Story about Separation Anxiety

A social story that can help children cope with the changes involved with going back to school and their parents going back to work.

Going Back to School - Printable Version

My Day at the Beach

A short social story read to young children about their adventures at the beach.

My Day at the Beach - Printable Version

Taking your kids to the beach - Tip Sheet for Parents

Why are Vaccines Important?

In this social story for young children, we explain what vaccines are and why we need them.

Why are Vaccines Important? - Printable Version

What is Telehealth?

This short story explains to younger children how telehealth works and its benefits.

What is Telehealth? - Printable Version


Holidays may have to be celebrated a little differently this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate!

Celebrations - Printable Version

If Someone I Love Gets Sick

This social story explains to young children what they can do when a loved one gets sick.

If Someone I Love Gets Sick - Printable Version

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