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Our Donors

Each year hundreds of organizations, corporations, foundations and individuals help support Beech Brook through contributions to the Annual Fund, holiday gifts, tributes in memory or honor of family and friends, sponsorships of new programs, and special events.

Since 1852, people like you—caring members of our community with generous hearts—have given life to Beech Brook’s mission of helping children and families. Thank you! Every gift is important and deeply appreciated.

The following list includes gifts and pledges received to date in FY2017 (between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017). Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, and we sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. Please call our Development Office at 216.831.2255 with any questions or corrections.



Eva L. & Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
Alice McHardy Dye Fund
Eaton Corporation
Fairmount Santrol
The George Gund Foundation
The Hankins Foundation
Sandra and Harry Holmes
Home Savings and Loan
The Lerner Family Foundation
The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation
Edda and Terry Owen
Margaret Patch*
Kathy and Jim Pender
The Michael Pender Memorial Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
The Perkins Charitable Foundation
Douglas Perkins Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
RPM International, Incorporated
Saint Luke’s Foundation
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation
Judy and G. Walter Stuelpe, Jr.
The A.H. and Julia W. Shunk Fund
The Treu-Mart Fund
United Way of Greater Cleveland
Thomas H. White Foundation


Gloria and Joseph Bauer
Eileen M. Burkhart
Patricia and John Chapman, Sr.
Mary and William Conway
Cindy and Edward Crotty
Iris and Victor DeMarco
The Helen Wade Greene Charitable Trust
Mary and Gordon Harnett
Mary and Jack Herrick
The George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund
Elizabeth F. McBride
David & Inez Myers Foundation
Jane and Jon Outcalt
Robert Phillips-Plona and Family
Debra M. Rex and George George
Tracy and Thomas Seifert
Jane and Gary Small
Sandra and Thomas Sullivan
William M. Weber
Ann and Charles Zellmer


BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Tracy and Dave Crandall
Megan and Robert Fellinger
Caroline Gluek
Grant Thornton LLP
Cheryl and Mark Groner
Kimberly and Samuel Hartwell
Huntington National Bank
Oswald Companies
Lori Locke and Jack Stinedurf
Thompson Hine
Tremco, Incorporated
Merlene and Arthur Treuhaft
Kristin and Robert Tull
Ulmer & Berne LLP
United Way of Greater Milwaukee


Maud Bray
Dan and Ellen Zelman Family Foundation
Deloitte LLP
Walter M. Demczar
Judy and Jeffrey Eakin
ForTec Medical
Harry K. & Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation
Major League Baseball Players Trust
McDonald Hopkins LLC
The Meyer Company
Karen and John Nestor
Roberta and Jon Outcalt, Jr.
Sue and Nick Peay, Jr.
Paula and Thomas Seger
SIFCO Industries
United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland


Adjer Industries
American Express
Applied Industrial Technologies
Carol and Clifford Baggott
Jeffrey W. Bennett
Lyn and Mark Bober
Sheila and W. David Brown
CBRE Real Estate Services, Inc.
Cleveland Marathon Charities
Rita and Aims Coney, Jr.
Maryann Correnti
Mia and Robert Coulton
Colleen and Philip Dawson
Suzanne and William B. Doggett
Dollar Bank
Amy and Robert Fedor
Gould Inc. Foundation
Priscilla and J. Robert Horst
Judyann Jablonski
Nancy and Robert Klein
Gary and Trudy Krupa
Bonnie and Stephen Lau
Carol S. Markey
Anne and Thomas Merriman
Jennifer and Brandon Miller
Amanda and Ryan Miller
Paul and Connie Omelsky
Progressive Insurance Foundation
Gail and Michael Resch
RR Donnelley
Jill and Edward Schwartz
Joyce and Kevin Shaw
Lynn and Mark Singer
Bernadette and Jack Staph
Meg and John Stites, Jr.
Noreen and Brad Sussman
Roberta and Mario Tonti
Tucker Ellis LLP
The Clara Weiss Fund
Susan Kortis and Edward Wilcox


Eleanor and Glen Anderson
Askesis Development Group, Incorporated
Paula V. Atwood
Barbara and Ronald Bates
LaVisa and Jamaa Bell
Pamela and Ronald Bohlander
Annamarie and William Brancovsky
Irene and John Briedis
Robert Brzezinski
Caroline Carter
Larry and Ellen Chernikoff Philanthropic Fund
Civista Bank
Cornerstone Family Office
Crowe Horwath LLP
Maryann and Art Falco
Federal Combined Federal Campaign
Michelle Flors-Goldthorpe
Kristi and Price Foltz
David K. Ford, Jr.
Tim and Stephanie Gerspacher
Andres Gonzalez
Lateefah Hafeez
Linda and Lawrence Hatch
Kristine Henige
Corrine R. Hunter
Gayle and Jeffrey Ice
Anne and Joseph Juster
Kaesberg Survivor’s Trust
Kathy and Bob Kenny
Kim and Verne Klunzinger
Karen and Douglas Leary
Patrick Lewis
Patricia C. Lightbody
Susan and Todd Locke
Kathy and John Mayher
Merry and Robert McCreary III
Laura and John McMullen
Eileen and David Meisler
Carol and Anthony Michel
Michael Miller
Marion and Lathan Murfey
Ann and John Paratore
Jennifer and Douglas Pinkerton
Karyn Pistone
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Lilena and Uma Rajeshwar
Michael Simmons
Lynn and Mark Singer
Gretchen D. Smith
Teresa Thompson-Davis
Barbara and Bruce Twarog
Hallie and Jeff Wasserman
Helen Whitehouse
Dawn and Grady Williams
Anne Marie M. Witmer
Charles Wood



Celeste and Peter Asmar
Richard H. Bamberger
Venita L. Barham
Mara Cushwa and Jack Batt
Joan and James Blackburn
Martha and James Boland
Jennifer Bruehler
Sandra Russ and Thomas C. Brugger
Elizabeth and Keith Chelm
Katie and Jeremy Clark
Anne and Ed Cochran
Roseann and John D’Agati
Diane P. Daniels
Beth and Peter DeVito
Kevin Dickey
Sue and John Diemer
Sandra and Mark Dively
Craig Donnan
Diane Downing and Tom Corrigan
Gretchen Evard
Anne and Steven Fitzgerald
Caryn* and C. Henry Foltz
Tracy and Kevin Gehrt
joan and vic gelb
Ann Harlan and Ronald H. Neill
Sharon Hawk
George Hicks
Jean Homrighausen
Julia Hornack
Elizabeth C. Hruby
Kathryn and James Kaesberg
Pamela and Stephen Keefe
Carolyn and Ronald Lang
Jonathan Leebow
Sue and Howard Maier
Ann S. McConnell
Michael McMahon
Marianne and Peter Messina
Shirley and Thomas Moore
Jean and Thomas Moseley
Marjorie and Bert Moyar
Elizabeth Moyer
Caitlin and Matt Piros
Ann and Phil Ranney
Venezuela Robinson
Barbara Roman
Mary and Joe Roth
Neil T. Ruddock
Nancy and Joseph Schmitz
Lisa and Stephen Sferra
Sarah Sieradzki
Anne Sierk and Kurt Stange
Ellen Roberts and Mario Sinicariello
Valli Spahn
Kris and Jason Tercek
Andrea Karshuk and Andrew Thomas
Natalie and Dave Tilk
United Way Bay Area
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Nancy Valentine
Dottie and Don Zito


Ciani Albert
Katy Armul
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
Ann and Daniel Austin
Elliot S. Azoff
Jan and Harold Babbit
Kelly Banks
Cynthia Bassett
Wendy Hawbaker and Paul Bellamy
Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging
Peter A. Bergsten
Iris and Martin Berwitt
Dawn Brodnick
Debra Brown
Constance and James Brown
Janalee Brown
Mike Brown
Diane E. Caine-Mociolek
Velta and Paul Carlin
Antoine N. Chelala
Gertrude and Homer Chisholm
Commonwealth Cares
Patricia and George Coulter
Peter Danford
Cathy and Daniel Danszczak
Annette Davlin
Mary Dobyns
Michelle Erksa
Greg Fiocca
Nancy Fisher-Crum
Caroline and Daniel Flannery
Joan and Glen Gali
Staci and Matthew Garvey
Mary R. Gerber
Ruth Ann Goldberg and Andy Nikiforovs
Brenda Gray
Jacqueline and Jack Greene
Akila Greenfield
Everett Gunn
Gina and David Gunning II
Manju Gupta
Elaine Hadden
Ann Marie and Lloyd Hagenbuch
Amy and Richard Hamilton
Sabrina Hammond
Odette and Richard Hankins
Judith and H. Stuart Harrison, Jr.
Jessica and Andy Hartman
Julia and Jeffrey Healy
Rebecca Heidinger
Kathleen Henderson
Heather and Jody Herzog
Robert Himmel
Marilou and Brian Hitt
Carol Hoffstetter
Martin Hoke
Jean and Kenneth Horsburgh
The Richard Horvitz and Erica Hartman-Horvitz Foundation
Annie and Richard Hubbard
Beth Hellerstein and Daniel Jaffe
Kristen and Timothy Kartisek
Katherine Solender and William E. Katzin
Robin and Steven Kleinman
Marcia Konopinski
Lawrence C. Koons
Nancy Kortemeyer
Amy Kress
Tish and Ewald Kundtz, Jr.
Molly and Bob Laks
Catherine and Michael Leonakis
Catherine and Rob Levy
Diane and John Lewis
Linda and Jack Lissauer
George P. Loomis
Annette M. Lowe and Doug Dolch
Susan M. Lundgren
Andrea Malone
Polly and Richard Marabito
Kathy Wisch and Seth Marks
Helen and Chester Marshall
Suzy and Henry Mazur
Lisa and Gregory McClure
JoAnn and Gerald Medinger
Rosemary and Arthur Merriman, Jr.
Mark and Carol Metz
Donna Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Kim Minnaugh
Michael D. Nash
Miriam and Dale Pignolet
Practice Limited to Peridodontics
Jennifer and Max Rieker
Faith Berger and Brian Ritzenberg
Karla and Michael Rogers
Joyce and Steve Rogers
Robert and Mia Ruffing
Stacey and Mark Rusher
Richard Ruskin
Delores and John Saada, Sr.
Amy and Edmund Sabanegh
Susan and William Saltzman
Betsy and James Sampliner
Marilyn and Jerald Schneider
Kathryn Schulman
Virginia and David Seyler
Jacqueline Shelby
Lillian and William Smyer
Mary B. Sposito
Jane Peterson and Phil Star
State Farm Companies Foundation
Carolyn Steiner
James G. Tamburro
Paul T. Tavano
Amy and Stephen Thome
Betty T. Toguchi
Jenni Tonti
Monica and Robert Triozzi
United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way of Lake County
Marilyn Wagner
Christine and James Wamsley III
Karen Weaver
Meredith and Michael Weil, Jr.
Carolyn and Gerald Wheaton
Ann and Dickson Whitney, Jr.
Tami Wojciechowski
Lynn and Alan Wood


Mary Abbott
Denise Adams
Nancy Adams
Stephen Alfred
Jacqueline and Les Artman
Lynn Avery
Deborah Baker
Magdalene Baldy
Sean Barron
Deanna Beauchamp
Megan and Adams Beck
Cathy and Paul Becker
Richard Berger
Pamela Bertaud
Alex Bidwell
Cassandra Bigsby
Bruce Block
Elisabeth Bohlander
Michelle Borbely
Nicole Borowy-Salamon
Alison Bozic
Debbi and Brian Braunstein
Margaret Bray
Thomas Burdyshaw
Care Alliance
Gabriella M. Celeste and G. Ben Cohen
Darrell Claytor
Anne and Michael Colagiovanni
Ann Cook
Mary and Richard Desmond
Joyce Dickson
Lisa Ditzel
Gregory Drew
Jody Emery
Thomas Evans
Liz and Donald Feke
Ruth Fenske
Lea H. Fischbach
Mark Fletcher
Jacqueline Forestall
Stella and David Fulton
Katherine D. Funkner
Marilee Gallagher
Priscilla and Richard Garretson
Ruth and Patrick Garry
Jeanne and George Gascoigne III
Nancy and Ted Goble
Robert Goebel
Lashawnda Golphin
Melissa Gorris
Brandi Greene
Sally and Robert Gries
Lee E. Hamilton
Jennifer Hayes
Jodie and Jon Herbst
Cindy and Joel Herman
Chris and Kenneth Hicks
Christopher Hirzel
Danna and Jeff Hoegler
Nancy Hutchinson
Ashley Jackson
Nathan and Janet Jacobson
Rachel Jeavons
Nancy and Edwin Jeffery, Jr.
Melissa Johnson
Farah Kittoe
Roberta and James Kordish
Norma and Harvey Kotler
KPMG Community Giving Campaign
Gretchen Kubicek
Mary Ann Kudyba
Laura A. Kulber Mintz
Sylvia and Maurice Lader
Brother Robert E. Lavelle
Ann Harte and Albert Leizman
Cheryl Levering
Marlene and Kenneth Lowe, Sr.
Cristin and Andy Lukcso
Cindy MacLaren
Joseph Maduri
Margaret and Robert Manchick
Charlotte and Donald Mason
Darline Mayo
Richard McAuliffe
Judith and S. Sterling McMillan
Micro Systems Management Technology Consultants
Michele Murphy
Kevin Nelson
Iris F. November
Sandra Bergsten and David Osborne
Anna Pawlikowski
Mariel and Douglas Peck
Marilyn and Walter Peckinpaugh
Carol and Donald Poe
Patricia and Martin Pope
Frank Priestly
Brandy Reischman
Lori Reisdorff
Lauren Rich Fine
Elaine and Kenneth Rich
Megan and Patrick Riley
Claire and Charles Rossbach, Sr.
Nancy and Thomas Royer
Dejeurnetta Rucker
Gail and Richard Rule-Hoffman
Martha and Robert Russell
Patricia and Anthony Russo
Salvatrese Ryan
Evelyn and Gordon Safran
Margaret H. Sagri
Joellen and Warren Salkin
James Saunders
Audrey and John Schneider
Elaine M. Schramm
Melissa Seagro
Samuel Selekman
Fallon Shaw
Meredith Shoop
Gerri and Tom Slavkovsky
Jean Solomon and Charles Swanson
Claire Stinedurf
Allen Strnad
Carol and Robert Tamburro
Stephanie Tamburro
Carol and James Templeman
Lois Thalman
United Way – Metro Chicago
United Way – Summit County
United Way of Lorain
Karen Upshaw
Lois and James Vickers
Phonesavanh Visoutsy
Marcia and Paul Wasnick
Sharon Watts
Brenda and Robert Weltman
Jill and Frederick Wenham III
Christine and Dale Winsberg
Donna Zink
Mary Frances Haerr and Kalman Zucker