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Giving Societies

Jeptha Homer WadeJeptha Homer Wade Society

The Jeptha Homer Wade Society recognizes donors who are especially committed to Beech Brook’s mission and vision. Named after one of Beech Brook’s early and most dedicated supporters, the society recognizes contributors who have donated $100,000 or more to Beech Brook.The Wade Family’s commitment to Beech Brook is truly remarkable, beginning with the donation of the orphanage on St. Clair Avenue by the first Jeptha Wade to the land and some of the building on our present campus by his grandson. Members of the Wade family served more than 130 years on the Board of Trustees and Board of Managers, and their legacy lives through the ongoing gifts from family members today.  (Bold indicates new members to the Society)

The Abington Foundation
Anonymous Friend
Anonymous Company
The Austin Family
The Austin Memorial Foundation
Eva L. & Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
Helen Wade Greene Charitable Trust
The George Gund Foundation
The Hankins Foundation
The Hanna Family and The Bicknell Fund
Suzanne Brookhart Harrison*
Kulas Foundation
S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust
Sally and John Morley
The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
* Pince O’Doran
F. J. O’Neill Charitable Corporation
William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation
Kathy and Jim Pender
The Michael Pender Memorial Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
Helen Wade Greene Perry*
The Reinberger Foundation
Saint Ann Foundation
Saint Luke’s Foundation
Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation
Rhoda* and Frank* Teagle, Jr.
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
The C. Carlisle & Margaret M. Tippit Charitable Trust
United Way of Greater Cleveland
The Wade Family
Thomas H. White Foundation
Woodruff Foundation

Suzanne B. Harrison Society

Suzanne Brookhart HarrisonFor more than 60 years, Suzanne Brookhart Harrison dedicated her time, energy and enthusiasm to Beech Brook. In the process, she earned a very special place in the history of this institution and in the hearts of everyone who knew her. Her devotion to children and to the work of Beech Brook inspired both an annual award in her name and a giving society for those who have given charitable gifts to Beech Brook for 25 years or more. (Bold indicates new members to the Society)

Anonymous Friend
Hope and Stanley Adelstein
Mary and Richard Albrecht
Stephen J. Alfred
Elizabeth and Albert Augustus II
Jan and Harold Babbit
Richard T. & Martha B. Baker Foundation
Vivian and Raymond Balester, Ph.D.
Mary* and Charles* Barkwill
Caroline and William* Barney, Jr.
Sarah* and Edward* Bartlett II
Patricia H. Beall
Wilma* and William* Bemis
Ann and Robert Berger, Jr.
Maud and Pierce* Bray
Irene and John Briedis
Ann and Hugh Calkins
Isabel and William* Chamberlin, Jr.
Emily and Lee Chilcote, Jr.
Virginia* and Lee* A. Chilcote
Ellen* Wade Chinn
Alvah Stone and Adele Corning
Chisholm Memorial Foundation
Susan and Michael Clegg
Helen Teagle Clements and Robert* Clements
The Cliffs Foundation
Iris and Arthur Codner
Helen* Cole
Mary and William Conway
Elizabeth* Fackler Herrick Cozier
Shirley and Albert* Culbertson
Sally and Pitt Curtiss
Lucille and Paul F. Dickey
William E. Dohnal
Isabelle* and James* Dunlap
Caroline B. and Frederick* L. Emeny
Eleanor E. and Morris* Everett, Sr.
Margaret and Stanley* Ferguson
The Firman Fund
Elizabeth T. Fogg
Caryn and C. Henry Foltz
Harry K. & Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation
Lily and Ronald Glosser
Mrs. Allen A. Gould
Sally and Robert Gries
Sally and Bruce Griswold
The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Virginia* Hamann
Ruth* L. Hankins & The Hankins Foundation
Judith and H. Stuart Harrison, Jr.
Suzanne* Brookhart Harrison
Henry* Harvey
Robin and Henry Hatch III
Patricia and William Hatch
Dorothy* and Scott Hayes
Ellen and Craig Heberton III
Martha Eaton Hickox and Charles* Hickox
Arthur and Arlene Holden Fund
Joan and Daniel Holmes, Jr.
Betsy and Dudley Humphrey, Jr.

George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund

Kitty and Norman Jeavons
Ann and Brooks* Jones
Pamela and Stephen Keefe
Carter* Kissell
Mary and G. Robert* Klein
Mary and Clarence* Kubik

Eleanor* and Milton* Kuss
Helen* and Fredrick Lamb
Lander Circle Kiwanis
Barbara H. Larson
Patricia and James* Lightbody
Ann H. and Robert* A. Little
Gordon G. Long
Evelyn and Joseph* P. Long
Kathryn M. and George P. Loomis
The Lubrizol Foundation
Molly and Elliot* Ludvigsen
Anne* and David* Manuel
Eileen and John* Manuel
Susan and Charles Marston
S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust
Betz* and S. Sterling* McMillan
Judith and Ted McMillan
Meisel Family Foundation
Carol and Anthony Michel
Sally and John Morley
Jean and Thomas Moseley
Gloria* and Edwin Motch III
David & Inez Myers Foundation
Delos T. Nelson
Sally and Francis Neville
Ruth C. and Hal* H. Newell
Chloe and Frederick* Oldenburg
Amelia and William Osborne, Jr.
Oswald Companies
Thomas* F. Patton
Kathy and Jim Pender
Jeanne* and Jacob* Perkins
Helen* Wade Greene Perry
Marianne and Arvid Peterson
The Plain Dealer
Katherine and C.* Carver Pope
Frank H. Porter*
Clara Taplin Rankin and
Alfred* M. Rankin, Sr.
Claire and Charles Rossbach, Sr.
Sandra and A. James Schneider
Sedgwick Family Charitable Trust
Elizabeth W. and Ellery* Sedgwick
Laura and Michael Shannon
Shepard Foundation
Kim Sherwin
Josephine and Edward* Sloan, Jr.
Miriam Smead
Gretchen and Ward* Smith
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation
Janice and James Spencer
Esther and Edmund* Sylvester
Jean H. Taber
John and Janet* Telich, Sr.
Cindy and W. Hayden* Thompson
The C. Carlisle and Margaret M. Tippit
Charitable Trust
Merlene and Arthur Treuhaft
United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland
The Clara Weiss Fund
Emma and Fred* White, Jr.
Virginia and John Wilhelm, Jr.
Lydia and Lewis* Williams
Janet and Robert Yaroma
Joan and William Ziegler
Shirley and Roy* Zook

Children’s Hope Society


The Children’s Hope Society honors donors whose planned gifts demonstrate their commitment to the work and future of Beech Brook. These gifts, which may include a bequest, charitable trust, gift annuity, insurance policy or other planned gift, allow Beech Brook supporters to create their own legacies of hope for children and families.

All gifts to the Children’s Hope Society are placed in Beech Brook’s Endowment Fund. The interest income from Beech Brook’s Endowment supports the ongoing provision of high quality services for children and families, innovation and program development, and research.

Giving today, as well as making plans for future contributions, allows Beech Brook to continue providing quality programs and services to the most vulnerable children. Gifts to the Children’s Hope Society require thoughtful planning and great vision. If you’d like to know more about making the Children’s Hope Society a part of your philanthropic goals, please contact the Development Office