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Meet Melanie Prepetit, Director of Community-Based Therapy

Melanie Prepetit started at Beech Brook 13 years ago as an Attachment Therapist. After a few years in the challenging position, she switched to auditing for something less emotionally draining. She then moved into a supervision role, where she spent time supervising various programs over the years, including outpatient therapy, SAFE, REACH, school-based and Help Me Grow. A little over a year ago, she accepted a position as Director of Community-Based Therapy and has since been using her expertise to oversee school-based and outpatient therapy at Weizer.

Melanie attended Bowling Green State University, where she majored in social work. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she worked as an intern for Beech Brook during a semester she spent in graduate school at Case Western Reserve University. She then moved to Toledo, where she spent seven years working at two mental health agencies while completing her master’s at CWRU. Upon her return to Cleveland, she immediately turned to Beech Brook for a job, where she was hired as a therapist and has been here ever since. “I don’t want to leave,” she jokes. ”In all seriousness, though, I like what we stand for here at Beech Brook, we are always working to stay ahead of the curve and have a reputation for being the best and, most importantly, the people I work with are really great.”

While she spends most of her time overseeing six supervisors of school-based and outpatient therapy, she still has connections with clients. One client, who she started seeing when he was five years old, is now 18 and living with his adoptive family of many years. When he first got involved with Beech Brook, he was overcoming serious issues stemming from neglect and abuse. After working with Melanie and other Beech Brook staff, he is now doing very well and currently working as a summer camp counselor. Melanie continues to work with him and his family through his transition into adulthood. “I like what we do,” she says about the individuals, like this one, she and so many others have been able to help through their work at Beech Brook.