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Foster Care and Adoption

Family Portrait of Various Foster Children Beech Brook has one of the largest foster care programs in the Cleveland area, providing foster care information, training and support for those wishing to become a foster parent and change the life of a child forever.

When children must be taken from their families, whether temporarily or permanently, Beech Brook’s network of family and treatment foster homes provide a 24-hour therapeutic environment where healing can begin.

More than ever before, children coming into foster care are increasingly troubled, with multiple problems stemming from chronic abuse and neglect, exposure to violence or parental drug and alcohol addiction. Far too many have been moved from place to place, leaving them feeling unwanted, angry and hopeless about their futures.
While in foster care at Beech Brook, children and teens have access to a full range of mental health services, including:



  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Art therapy
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Training in independent living skills for older teens

Beech Brook also provides supportive services for youth aging out of foster care through Ohio’s Bridges programs, which helps these youth make a successful transition into adulthood.

Beech Brook foster parents and staff work together to help children prepare for reunification with their biological families when possible, adoption for those who will not be returning to their birth families, or, in the case of teens, independent living.

For foster parents choosing to adopt children who have been permanently removed from their birth families, foster-to-adoption assistance is available.