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Beech Brook Family Center

Today’s children learn to become tomorrow’s parents. 

Young Child With His MotherThe Beech Brook Family Center at the Carl B. Stokes Social Services Mall provides parenting education, support groups and resources for low-income families in Cleveland.

Today, a strong family life is more important than ever. It is in families that values are passed from one generation to the next, and today’s children learn to become tomorrow’s parents. Unfortunately, our community’s families are threatened on many fronts: poverty, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and divorce—all unraveling the fabric of family life.

The Center offers a variety of programs under the umbrella of Family Health designed to strengthen and support families, so children can grow up with every benefit of a healthy family environment.

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  • Integrated Care – Services, resources and referrals to support physical and behavioral health for families in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood
  • Parenting Classes – classes to strengthen families by helping parents/caregivers understand their children at various developmental levels and improve discipline and communication; includes groups for teen parents, fathers, recovering parents and anger management
  • Drop-In Center – anger management, parent education, resources and referrals for parents in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood
  • Anger Management – provides parents with the tools to better manage their anger, not only as it relates to their children, but also day-to-day stress triggers. Anger management is also taught to children and teens.
  • Family Stability/Homeless Prevention Program – social services and support to stabilize and prevent homelessness for families who live in Famicos low-income housing units and other apartment complexes throughout the city
  • Police Assisted Referral (PAR) – supports families in CMHA housing that have undergone domestic violence/conflict by connecting them with community supports and resources to prevent the reoccurrence of violence
  • S.T.E.P.S. – classes where parents learn to influence early brain development through purposeful play and interaction with their infants and young children
  • Supportive Visitation – coaching for parents whose children have been been removed from their homes
  • Community Wraparound – services for students and families at Patrick Henry School