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Family and Community-Based Services

Family Preservation

Few traumas can compare to that of children removed from their biological homes and families. There are times when there is no other choice for the child’s safety. However there are many other families that, with the right help and support, often can overcome their problems and keep their children safely in their homes.

When families are in crisis, Beech Brook’s Family Preservation program brings help, healing and hope to prevent the devastation of a shattered home.
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Family Preservation is an intensive, short-term crisis intervention program that is provided to families in their own homes. The services are designed to stabilize the family through intensive intervention, improved parenting and communication skills, and linkages to vital community resources.

When a case is referred to Family Preservation, a case manager is available to work with that family in their home. The case manager is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for the duration of their treatment, which generally ranges from 90-120 days. The case manager serves as an advocate for the family with schools and other agencies on behalf of the child and family, and as a link to other support systems.


Beech Brook offers the following models of service:

  • Intensive in-home
  • Parent-teen conflict
  • Reunification services
  • Resource family support (foster/adoption support)
  • Family in need of services


 Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT)

When children or teens are struggling with serious emotional problems, the whole fabric of family life can be torn apart. Families need fast and expert help to stabilize the situation and keep their children safely at home. Beech Brook’s IHBT program is an evidence-based practice that offers immediate, short-term and intensive mental health treatment and support services to stabilize at-risk children and their families.

Youth referred to the IHBT program are seen quickly and often, depending on the urgency of the case. Services include therapy and well as community psychiatric supportive treatment, social services and 24/7 crisis response. The IHBT team will work with the child and family at home, at school or in other community settings.


Successful Alliance for Family Engagement (SAFE)


Embracing a “do whatever it takes” philosophy, Beech Brook’s SAFE program helps families by linking them with community supports, as well as providing the therapeutic support they might need. The program is part of Cuyahoga County’s Tapestry System of Care designed to help prevent at-risk children from going into higher levels of care, such as detention homes or residential treatment.

SAFE care coordinators use a wraparound process to help meet the emotional and behavioral needs of each child. With a focus on family strengths, cultural competency and family “voice and choice,” care coordinators help families select the right services to get exactly what they need, when they need it, from both formal organizations and informal supports, such as neighbors. Flexible funding for creative solutions is a cornerstone of the program.


Early Childhood


Little Girl With DandelionsEvery child deserves the best possible start in life. The extraordinary learning that takes place in the early years paves the way for success in school, in families and in relationships throughout life. Beech Brook’s Early Childhood Services help young children from birth to age 6 with mental health or behavioral difficulties and/or autistic spectrum disorders.

The key to promoting healthy development is by identifying and addressing problems early—when children are most flexible and able to change. A child’s ability to control emotions, pay attention when learning, problem-solve and have healthy relationships in the future can be greatly impacted by early childhood experiences when the child’s brain is not fully developed.

Through direct service, screening and diagnostic assessment, consultation and training, and partnerships with early childhood providers, mental health agencies and schools, Beech Brook offers an array of services to meet the needs of young children:

Child Care Consultation and Training – Training and site-based consultation at child care centers to help identify children with behavioral problems and/or special developmental challenges and to develop specific recommendations for children at risk of losing a child care placement.

In-Home Mental Health Consultation and Training for Families/Caregivers – Home-based consultation with parents or caregivers of children from infancy through age 6 to help resolve problems and build parenting skills.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) – An evidence-based parent training intervention that teaches caregivers specific behavior management techniques as they play with their child. PCIT focuses on improving the caregiver-child relationship and increasing children’s positive behaviors.



Child Art of a Sky DiverBeech Brook’s youth mentoring program, STRIDE (Skill Building, Teaching, Role Modeling, Independence, Development, Empowerment), gives children and teens a little extra support to get them through the rough times.

Having a special person who will listen and spend time with them outside of home or school can make a world of difference. When kids are having trouble and family stress is growing, that’s the time to call Beech Brook to see if a youth mentor can help.

Mentors can play an important part in reducing the behaviors that threaten family stability, whether it’s a birth family, foster family or other out-of-home placement.

Although it may look like fun and games, it’s much more. Through mutually enjoyable activities, mentors act as positive role models, engaging the youth and building a trusting relationship. Once that bond has been established, mentors help kids experience their own “ah-ha” moment—finding positive, healthy interests they can continue to pursue on their own, once their mentoring time has ended.

Download STRIDE Fact Sheet

Family Stability/Homeless Prevention Program


The Family Stability/Homelessness Prevention Program provides social services for families living in apartment complexes at multiple sites throughout the city of Cleveland.

The program provides a wide range of services to support families and provide stability in their housing. By helping families address issues that increase their risk for eviction, such as mental health challenges, parenting and financial problems among many others, Beech Brook not only helps families keep a roof over their heads, but also improves their emotional well-being and overall family functioning.