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As a leading behavioral health agency headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Beech Brook is committed to the care and healing of our community’s most vulnerable children—many of whom struggle to make it through every day with serious mental issues that overshadow every aspect of their lives.

Beech Brook’s services include community-based prevention and education programs that strengthen and support children and their families. Recognized as a national leader in the treatment of complex trauma, Beech Brook has implemented trauma-informed care services across all programs through staff training, specialized assessments and trauma-focused interventions.

Trauma-informed care
 is both a philosophy and a way of providing services based on research indicating that exposure to trauma is not only dramatically more prevalent than previously known, but is also linked to many medical, psychological and social problems throughout an individual’s lifespan. Exposure to these adverse experiences is especially harmful during childhood when the brain is rapidly developing. Research shows that immediate mental health interventions hold real hope for minimizing these negative consequences, and even when traumatic experiences are long past, new proven treatment models are achieving measured outcomes of success.

Services include:

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