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For information about specific programs:

Paula V. Atwood – Senior Director, Staffing and Special Projects;
Clinical Director, Alcohol & Drug Program

LaVisa Bell – Chief Quality and Compliance Officer

Joan S. Blackburn – Director, Chardon Schools Program

Jennifer Bruehler – Senior Director, Behavioral Health Services

Roseann D’Agati– Senior Director, Foster Care

Terri Davis – Senior Director, Prevention/Early Intervention

Akila Greenfield – Manager of Recruitment

Mark R. Groner – Senior Clinical Director

Carol Hoffstetter – Assistant Clinical Director and Director of Training

Jennifer Karvonen Chief Financial Officer

Marcia A. Konopinski – Director, Human Resources

Nancy J. Kortemeyer – Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations

James Jones – Director, ACT Team 

Anna Pawlikowski – Director, Mentoring Program (STRIDE) and Early Childhood

Debra M. Rex – Executive Advisor

Thomas P. Royer – President/Chief Executive Officer

Carolyn Szweda – Executive Vice President