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Our people make the difference!

What makes Beech Brook special? Our great staff!


Recently we asked our staff to tell us about a favorite co-worker. Here are excerpts from just a few of their responses. Check back from time-to-time for more stories about how our staff members feel about each other!


LaTanya Perdue, Case Manager Therapist, says this about her supervisor, Dawn Brodnick, Director of Family Services

Ask yourselves, “What is the most important thing that you need to have in the workplace in order to feel comfortable enough to stay?” Most people will more than likely attribute their ability to stay to financial compensation…However, being in this field has taught me two things: you better love this work…because you won’t be rich, and you need a SUPPORTIVE supervisor. Not only is Dawn supportive when I am struggling at work, but when I am dealing with things personally, she listens, checks in and is ALWAYS available. There have been times…many times…where she will take calls on vacation. If that’s not dedication, we would need to recheck the meaning.


Carol Hoffstetter, Assistant Clinical Director, wrote this about Jennifer Bruehler, Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services

The reasons are endless as to why I choose this person as one of my best co-workers. Besides being intelligent, hard-working, humorous, organized and dedicated to the staff and clients of Beech Brook, she possesses so many more qualities that have helped me on my journey into my current role at Beech Brook… She taught me a new level of expertise in the way she interacted with her staff and other professionals. My supervisory skills sharpened as I learned and watched the ways she engaged and taught her staff new interventions or tricks of the trade to get paperwork done with increased clinical skill and compliance….

I share all of this to make the point that this co-worker is a stellar example of putting trauma-informed care into action. Her concern for co-workers and staff runs deep and is evident in her actions and daily doings with others. She understands this job is not for the faint of heart. She holds great expectations for her staff, her programs, and herself all while remaining understanding of the road blocks that may arise in meeting those expectations. Although she does not let anyone off the hook; she does take the time to sit down in conversation and work through the hurdles…

It is funny to sit back and reflect on how we both started out as school-based therapists and have grown and advanced within the ranks of Beech Brook.


Elizabeth Blagg, R.N., shared this about coworkers on the ACT Team

You may not know it but building healthy relationships with our co-workers is an important part of having a successful career. The ACT Team at Beech Brook is a great example of one of those teams learning to build healthy relationships among our peers.

The ACT Team members are graciously learning and growing in understanding, respect and appreciation for the truly gifted things they each bring to the table. We meet every morning, Monday through Friday for approximately two hours to review our clients and their current needs. During those two hours, as well as throughout the day, we interact, all the time growing as individuals as we learn to appreciate each Team member’s perspective and outlook of the world. At times, the discussions around the table become quite heated, but we are learning. Most of the time, we are able to laugh at ourselves and if you were to be anywhere near our meeting room at Carl B Stokes offices, you will hear us, whether it be laughing or working through conflicts…We are learning.

Each of my Team members are unique and beautiful and I was unable to pick just one to applaud. So, I applaud my Team,


Maggie Baldy, Payroll/Benefits Manager on the Beech Brook Staff

My goal was to set out to write a story about a best co-worker. I found that to be a tough assignment because I consider every employee at Beech Brook to be the best!!  The caring and thoughtful attitudes of everyone I have had the pleasure of working with has been a gift. Perhaps it is because of the business we are in – to care for, foster and bring hope to children’s and families lives. Perhaps it is because we are more grateful for all the blessings we do have in our lives when compared to those we assist. Or perhaps it is because of the compassion and heartfelt kindness displayed by all staff at Beech Brook…. everyone welcomes each other into their lives, regardless of backgrounds, color or race. In today’s day and age, seldom is that seen. The definition of “Family” truly applies and we do stand up for one another – we have each other’s backs!

I am proud to be working at Beech Brook and to be a part of its mission and all it entails. I can honestly say that I have never worked with a better group of individuals than I do today. I am grateful and proud of all my co-workers for their assistance, patience and kindness.


Lauren Ambrose, Case Manager Therapist, on Lisa Denson, Clinical Supervisor, School-Based Services

Let me start by saying I am a worrier. You better believe when I started at Beech Brook 4 months ago I was very worried about the work I was going to be doing and what to expect. I was especially worried about what my supervisor would be like. Would we have similar beliefs with regard to client care and theoretical orientation? Would she be nice? Open-minded? Imagine the sigh of relief the moment I met Lisa Denson. She’s tough, but fair, supportive and kind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. Her positive attitude is contagious.

As a newer Clinician, I’m still learning a lot and trying to find my way. I always have questions and uncertainties. Lisa has assisted me with my continued growth by providing unwavering support and encouragement as I’ve faced challenges with getting clients and their families engaged. When I’m stuck, Lisa always has great ideas to help keep the kids and myself motivated. I look forward to continuing to work under the supervision of such a hard-working and caring individual. Beech Brook is lucky to have someone who is such an asset on their team.


JoAnn Vidmar, Receptionist, on Jean Homrighausen, Case Manager Therapist

Each staff member at Beech Brook has special gifts to give to children, families and to each other no matter what role they are in.

Miss H. is one of these special people. Miss H. is a Beacon of Hope to each child and family that she comes in contact with!  Her unwavering support and encouragement and her ability to see the potential in every child and family she sees is remarkable. She goes above and beyond by accommodating schedules, changes of location to see the client, taking kids to baseball games, parks, libraries and to get ice cream!  At the same time, helping them see that they are valuable and a VIP!