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Helping children and families thrive by promoting healthy child development, strengthening the ability to overcome adversity, and enhancing family health and stability


Beech Brook Campus

Our Vision

We are passionately committed to helping children, youth and families become healthy, self-sufficient, contributing members of safe and stable communities.

We vigorously pursue resources to drive our mission, support our staff, maintain high standards and achieve great results.

We are an efficient, well-managed and highly collaborative employer where terrific people want to work.

We achieve high outcomes and use that data for continuous improvement.

We actively engage children and families in their treatment and seek their input to improve our effectiveness.

We are flexible, adaptive, responsive and change ready. We plan well for today while preparing for and helping to create the future.

We are highly organized and efficient in our service delivery.

We lead with and demand integrity, teamwork and results.

We are active learners, seeking innovation for greater effectiveness in all areas.

We know our customers and work to help them achieve their goals.

We collaborate well, internally and externally, to achieve our mission.

We believe that healthy families are the cornerstone of society and that a permanent and functional family is the greatest mental health asset.

We promote the development of skills and abilities needed to be productive, contributing citizens.

We advocate and collaborate with others on issues affecting children and families so that every child, youth and family has what they need to succeed and so that our communities are strong.