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Our Mission, Vision, Culture and Values


Beech Brook Campus

Our Mission

Helping children and families thrive by promoting healthy child development, strengthening the ability to overcome adversity, and enhancing family health and stability

Our Vision

Organization: Beech Brook will be a highly effective, efficient, and fast-moving organization. Beech Brook will be a recognized and respected organization serving as a positive example of being a good partner and contributor to our community.

Services: Beech Brook will bring to our community a portfolio of high quality, trauma-informed services that anticipate and satisfy the community’s desires and needs. Families and the community will seek us out as the provider of choice because we are responsive, respected and trusted, providing the right service at the right time.

People: Beech Brook will be a place where people are proud to work. The organization will be the preferred employer in our space and employ the best people where staff feel valued, empowered, connected, inspired and part of something meaningful.

Outcomes: Beech Brook will create measurable, meaningful, tangible and sustainable outcomes that make a positive difference to our families and community.

Our Culture

We inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun, remain responsive to change and are insatiably curious. We value diversity and inclusion and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions. We empower our people to be innovative and find better ways to solve problems and we learn from our outcomes. We demonstrate resilience and have the courage to change course when needed.

Our Values

Leadership: We have the courage and vision to shape a better future. We are leaders in the field, we are best in class in what we do and can tell our story in a compelling way.

Integrity: We are ethical and we do what we say and say what we mean.

Diversity: We are as inclusive as our community is diverse.

Collaboration: We are a team, engaged with each other and the larger community and are always finding new partners to leverage collective genius to positively impact our community.

Passion: We are committed in heart and mind.

Quality: What we do, we do well. We operate ethically and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of compliance. We continually work to improve safety and the quality of our services.